I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now! since i doubled my followers over the summer i thought i would do a follower commission give away!

there will be two winners:

First prize will receive a coloured commission with up to 2 characters

Second prize will receive a coloured commission with one character

i’ll draw almost anything except:

  • complex machinery or robots (i could draw them for you but they would probably look like shit)
  • old people (also because they would look horrible)
  • full on furries
  • explicit nudity or gore
  • backgrounds (just because of time reasons)


  • Since this is a follower give away, you must be following either(or both) limpstella or leighsaeveart
  • Reblogs only (but you can reblog once per day as many times as you want times)
  • I will choose the winner by a random number generator
  •  Give away will end on October 31at 11:59 MDT
  • I will message the winner on tumblr. If you do not reply with in 48 hours, I will choose a another winner :(
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Gabriel Perez by Jimmy Backius.

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Hello I just died watching this person cover Promise from SH2 on the harp ohhhhh my goooood im in love, watch their right hand, im mesmerized, and the way they move soo smoothly with the instrument, I have nothing but respect for harp players the harp is amazing

Im saving the last four drawing requesst for inktober because they are so great, and I want to spend a lot of time on them


 #also feel free to send me more inktober requests! ;v; 

FKA Twigs for Google Glass

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Sera shooting the scarecrow hat off of Cole's head with her bow?


aftermath of said hat/arrow shenanigans 

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I'm not sure if you're still taking requests, but I haven't seen Cole (or Sera) in your style yet.. how about Cole stealing Sera's pastries and she looks *pissed*


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Draw Vivienne!


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I’m done with my interview but I got so many awesome requests, so I’ll be doing them all once I get home ;w;

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Cutie sigrun ;v;

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Ok the last one messed up

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what kinds of drarwing requests are you looking for


Anything except OCs, I’m trying to do these really fast and interpreting a description takes some time

(That’s the fade)

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